Why Apartbook?

Apartbook has been designed and developed for the serviced apartment industry. Other property management systems focus on the needs of hotels and B&Bs. Apartbook takes away the confusion of what you need to help run your business and offers an all in one solution. Discover now what makes us different.

Team of industry professionals

We believe experience in the serviced apartment industry is important to understand the challenges faced by our customers.

Easy to use

With so much to do in your business why worry about complicated software.

Simple design.

Keeping it simple means less training and less confusion. Forget hard to navigate property management systems, you will be delighted with our simple design.

No hidden fees.

We believe in honesty. As part of being honest, we feel you should know exactly what you are being charged.

No commission.

Apartbook wants to see your serviced apartment business grow and flourish. In order to do this we know every penny counts, that’s why we don’t charge you any commission on your bookings.

Fair pricing.

Apartbook does not charge huge amounts just to make money like other PMS software. We look at the cost of our business and what SAMS offers you as a service and charge fairly.

Apartment management.

We like to find ways to make managing your apartments easier. Manage your apartments costs by adding your bills against the apartment, then discover our apartment reports giving accurate apartment profit or loss.

Unlimited document storage.

Keep all your documents in one place. With no need to ever print a document again, we help your business save on printing costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Automated emails.

A busy industry needs software to take the strain. SAMS makes contacting your guests effortless with our automation.

Landlord management.

Have your landlord ready to contact at the click of a button. In Apartbook you can keep track of all communication with your landlords from one place.

Maintenance management.

Report it, log it, send it to your landlord and track its progress. Maintenance shouldn’t have to be challenging, let Apartbook help.

Intuitive cloud-based software.

Take Apartbook anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection you are good to go.

Easy onboarding.

At Apartbook we like to take the stress away from you. We don’t make you try to figure everything out, we simply do it for you.

Training provided

As part of your onboarding, or a visit to see us? the choice is yours. We provide training all year round.

Support and development based in the UK with no third parties.

Just message, email, phone or come in for a cup of Tea. Simple.

Great company values.

We pride ourselves on our company values.
Innovation, Collaboration, Responsibility, Diversity, Trustworthy.