We are thrilled to announce Charles Hope Apartments have chosen Apartbook to assist in the running of their serviced apartments. Apartbook is a serviced apartment management system designed by Apartbook to offer dedicated property management software to the industry.

About Charles Hope Apartments 

Charles Hope Apartments has been operating since 2016 and is one of the UK’s fastest-growing serviced apartment operators focusing on mid to high-end properties.

Boasting over 150 Apartments in 6 different locations across Europe, Charles Hope has firmly set its sights on becoming a leading serviced apartment provider.

  • London
  • Copenhagen
  • Luxembourg City
  • Birmingham
  • Southampton
  • Heathrow South 

Delivering high levels of service and stylish accommodation, Charles Hopes reputation as the place to stay is growing from strength to strength.

Discover more about Charles Hope https://www.charleshope.co.uk