Simplicity for Everyone

Apartbook is a software company building innovative software for the Serviced Apartment Industry. We provide serviced apartment management software that works for all size businesses – from small start-ups to multinational enterprises. Find out more reasons why to choose SAMS to manage your serviced apartments on our Why Choose SAMS page or we have answers to commonly asked questions on our FAQ page.

Our Story so far

Apartbook was created out of a need to provide the serviced apartment industry with a dedicated Property Management System that truly works for serviced apartments, they called it SAMS (Serviced Apartment Management System).

Apartbooks Co-founders worked for a serviced apartment company when the idea was formed. Mikey as a Systems and Development Manager and Richard as General Manager.

During this time they were tasked with looking for a new PMS to assist with running the business. After searching the internet, talking to PMS companies and playing with demos they realised that there wasn’t a PMS that did what they wanted.

“It became obvious PMS systems focused on Hotels/B&B in a single property, which have very different operational requirements to serviced apartments.”

Richard (Co-founder)

Traditional Property Management Systems (PMS) focus on a single location and room type, not allowing serviced apartment companies to split the location, building and apartment out. They also don’t take into consideration the logistics of operating a serviced apartment, guest movement, maintenance, housekeeping, landlords, contracts and so much more that comes with operating a serviced apartment business. Even getting a report to see which of your apartments are financially performing successfully and which are underachieving is just not available in traditional software. Apartbook solves all of these issues and takes the traditional PMS 10 steps forward.

With Mikey's background of website and software development and Richards hospitality experience in hotels and serviced apartments they created Apartbook and named the software SAMS. This level of experience has allowed SAMS to have the edge over other software on the market. Work had already started on the project at the end of 2018 but the company was officially incorporated in January 2019.

Next came an office in Central Milton Keynes and an action plan for when and how they will deliver the industry a great system. They knew the software had to be affordable to companies large and small and work for the many different ways serviced apartment companies run their business.

With this in mind, Mikey and Richard stayed in the office until the early hours of the next morning deciding on the values and mission statement of the company.

“So many systems claim to be affordable with the promise of loads of functionality, only to find complicated software, hidden fees and terrible support services. I wanted to shake up the industry and deliver the false promises of other software companies”

Mikey (Co-founder)

Simplicity For Everyone

Be the industry leader, providing forward-thinking software and solutions to the serviced apartment industry focusing on simplicity for everyone.


Always questioning the norm, and providing creative solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.


Working alongside our users to discover their needs rather than dictating what we think they need.


Invest and engage with our local communities through social projects, environmental initiatives and forming partnerships.


Defend and promote acceptance and diversity to ensure that anybody can succeed.


Ensuring transparency, security and honesty throughout all aspects of our business.

“It is important for Apartbook to have a set of values and a mission statement, so the decisions we make in the future are aligned with the ethics of the company. Now every time we do something we ask ( is that simplicity for everyone?)”

Richard (Co-founder)

Happy with the values of the company and knowing what they wanted to bring to the industry Mikey and Richard continued to work full-time jobs while building up the business in the evenings and weekends with an aim to soft launch the business in November 2019.

A year on from the start of development, SAMS has gained momentum in the industry with interest gathering from different parts of the UK, Europe and even the USA. With the soft launch and testing now underway Apartbook is growing the team and planning for the next 5 years.

As The Serviced Apartment Software Company, Apartbook has plans to launch new innovative features, systems and technology that pushes the industry further than ever before. With the focus on working for the serviced apartment sector the Co-founders understand the importance of the people that work hard every day to run their businesses and see them grow. Offering solutions to assist them do this is a priority for Apartbook.

“We hope to meet as many of our customers as possible. We do not see Apartbook being a software company that hides behind the computer, we want to know the people who use SAMS, then we will know what people need for the future and build customer relationships that last”

Mikey (Co-founder)